the_13th_labour (the_13th_labour) wrote,

Client update

As you will have noticed we have recently entered teh final 10% of the existing keyspace of our brute force. Chimera245 has also posted an update regarding a new updated and second wave client.

When we originally started the brute force we chose to concentrate on the keyspace 1-0 a-z A-Z as this was at the time a logical way to help reduce the time the brute force would take to complete. As such, and as we near the end of this keyspace, Chimera245 has prepared a new cleint in the event that there are additional characters to test. As a starting point we have extended the keyspace to include , . ! ?

Testing of this client will be ready later in the week hopefully and once tested will be rolled out as soon as we complete the existing keyspace allowing us to continue the brute force. I have also got a few ideas that will hopefully give us a little more coverage and try to increase the number of active clients to help speed up the whole effort.

There is still a lot to do and anyone wishing to help should email me


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