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Yeah I am sorry it has been a while but as you will have noticed a few "issues" meant I was a little distracted and didnt get to update a lot recently. RL was also a lottle mad :)

That said the Client has been running (and at this point I touch wood and cross every appendage!) pretty well. Chimera245 has created a new client that is working through the new and unfinished units. It will run about 1/3rd faster as a result as it has less work to complete.

Here's the site link.


I will aslo be updating and adding new puzzles very soon. Just got to survive this weekend !!!!!

Once again many thanks to those of you running the client. As an update we have now got almost every season 1 card. Needless to say I am trying to get a gold card :)

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Client update

Just a quick update I have had from Chimera245 and to keep you all informed.

1.4.0 has been initially tested and will be available for wider testing soon. He will be adding more Phase 1 work units into the mix over the weekend
(the ones featuring spaces) and will require us to adjust the stats a little. So keep them clients running :) and watch this space.
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Client update

As you will have noticed we have recently entered teh final 10% of the existing keyspace of our brute force. Chimera245 has also posted an update regarding a new updated and second wave client.

When we originally started the brute force we chose to concentrate on the keyspace 1-0 a-z A-Z as this was at the time a logical way to help reduce the time the brute force would take to complete. As such, and as we near the end of this keyspace, Chimera245 has prepared a new cleint in the event that there are additional characters to test. As a starting point we have extended the keyspace to include , . ! ?

Testing of this client will be ready later in the week hopefully and once tested will be rolled out as soon as we complete the existing keyspace allowing us to continue the brute force. I have also got a few ideas that will hopefully give us a little more coverage and try to increase the number of active clients to help speed up the whole effort.

There is still a lot to do and anyone wishing to help should email me guinSPLAT13thlabour.tk
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Things are going very smoothly and I will be posting some updated news over the next few days. I am setting up a few additional places to help promote the 13th client such as pleasure cards, myspace, flickr, and so on!

Anyone wishing to help offer further ideas please email me via the site (some new puzzles would be greatly appreciated)

well I have to be a domestic type person today so I will let you continue to ponder Books puzzle.

Puzzling Date

Up for grabs is a shiny SF connection event T-shirt to the lucky winner.

This puzzle comprises 2 parts and there is a pdf file you can download and a seperate link to the image so that you can enlarge it.

Puzzling Date PDF
Puzzling Date Image

Architect Thomas Bookmore

Closing date 12th September

Submit your answers here

The answer and results to Theatre of History can also be found here
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Having a great time in the States :D

We fly to SF tomorrow so I look forward to meeting up with many of the players who will be participating.

The Client is still happily crunching those numbers. For regular updates and news check out the site.

Anyone interested in being kept upto date can register on the website for regular newsletters. I will be puttig one together on my return to the UK.

well keep working on the puzzle and keep the CPU cycles rolling.

Guin x
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New puzzle

Theatre of History

As I am away for a few weeks this is a difficult one. However, the prize is fitting and is all of wave 4 Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple cards. I will also throw in a sheet of the old PXC stickers for the winner!

Architect Echidna

Closing date 27th August

Submit your answers here

The answer and results to Prism can also be found here
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further announcement


Right, rather sooner than I'd expected.. the future outlook...

All in all, the god we like to call chimera245 has decided that he is happy to complete his mission of either finding the key within, or completing a search of all ascii translated alphanumeric keys (keys that are composed of every combination of 0-9, a-z and A-Z).

That means that in about about 40 days (and 40 nights), there's the possibility we'll need to have a new home, and a new plan for the keyspace. Rather than waiting for that to hit us, we think it's worth having something else in place to continue responding to the community effort.

chimera has said he'll help with the re-molding of the client to cope with this, and lend/license us on the server application in it's new home. That means we have two issues.

1/ What changes should we make to the keyspace
2/ Where is the project going to live

Any suggestions for #1 are welcome. But more urgently we need a solution to #2.

The spec for what we need is:

1/ One computer. Spec should be greater than Pentium IV 2.4Ghz with 1GB memory.

2/ One reliable Internet connection to the tune of about 1Mb synchronous.

Both will have to be available for possibly one year. Though hopefully a lot less, and a key set of admins will need RDP or vpn access to them. So Mr. and Mrs. PXC community...